Peggy | Director of Operations

As Director of Operations, Peggy believes in the Braces by DiMassa & Wenger Mission Statement and is “…dedicated to providing World Class Orthodontics, creating beautiful smiles with the most modern technology in a warm, caring atmosphere that exceeds all expectations.” She will enthusiastically guide you through the initial exam as she prepares you for your orthodontic care at Braces by DiMassa & Wenger. Her dedication to your patient care and treatment plan is evident at each initial exam and consultation. Peggy’s main goal is to make certain you fully understand the diagnosis and treatment plan and that you are comfortable with all financial arrangements. She also coordinates all Braces by DiMassa & Wenger marketing initiatives. It’s obvious to everyone that Peggy truly enjoys her work!


Donna | Business Team Supervisor

As Business Team Supervisor Donna oversees all interactions the business team has with the patients and parents to assure accuracy and world class customer service. She also helps you maximize your orthodontic benefits by coordinating all insurance submissions and by initiating your payment arrangements the day treatment is started. Her contributions to Braces by DiMassa & Wenger are invaluable as she continuously delivers outstanding service to our patients and families.


Beth K. | Treatment Team Supervisor

With years of experience, Beth is a beautiful blend of orthodontic knowledge and compassionate patient care.  She is often referred to as a “Jack of All Trades” as she seamlessly handles several duties each day. As Treatment Team Supervisor she assists Drs. DiMassa & Wenger with the treatment appointments, coordinating patient records, Diagnostic Imagery tracings, and treatment team training.  Beth appreciates that Braces by DiMassa & Wenger places patient care and superior quality as its top priorities and loves making a difference in patients’ lives.


Angela | Treatment and Marketing Coordinator

At your initial exam, Angela helps you get started on your journey to a beautiful smile.  She meets with you during the initial exam to help educate you about orthodontics at Braces by DiMassa & Wenger.  Through education and consultation, Angela assists patients and families to make knowledgeable decisions about their treatment and financial options.  She loves helping patients like you progress from start–to-finish and enjoys working with an orthodontist and team sincerely focused on patients and on putting their comfort first.  She also coordinates the Braces by DiMassa & Wenger marketing activities.


Bridgit | Business Coordinator

As Business Coordinator she is responsible for all credit card processing done monthly on each patients account.  Bridgit is also our IT tech making sure nothing falls through the cracks.  While overseeing the front desk she assists the business team with scheduling and answering phones to ensure things run smoothly.  She truly cares for your needs with her warm understanding attitude and great sense of humor.


Lana | Scheduling Coordinator

Dedicated to every patient who walks in the door, Lana is often the first friendly face you see. She is responsible for all automatic withdrawal processes done monthly on each patients account, doctor communications along with answering your phone calls and scheduling appointments. Lana takes great pride in the friendly atmosphere at Braces By DiMassa & Wenger and truly enjoys making sure you and your family feel welcome each and every visit.


Sam | Scheduling Coordinator

Knowing firsthand the importance of teamwork, Sam seamlessly coordinates the schedule between both the Westlake and Lakewood offices.  Always putting your care first, she kindly accommodates all of your needs while maintaining an efficient, timely schedule.  Sam also is responsible for answering your phone calls and connecting you with the right team member to answer your questions or concerns.  She appreciates how well Dr. DiMassa, Dr. Wenger and their team work together to create an excellent patient-centered atmosphere.


Nicole | Treatment Team Assistant

As a member of the Treatment Team, Nicole enjoys her daily interaction with patients.  Her duties include assisting Drs. DiMassa & Wenger chair-side, pouring models, and mounting models to help you see your current smile.  Nicole loves to see patients excited and happy about their new bright, beaming smiles after treatment..


Crystal | Treatment Team Assistant

While Crystal enjoys skillfully helping Drs. DiMassa & Wenger chair-side as a Treatment Team Assistant, she truly feels passionate about working in an office that carefully weaves expert level orthodontic skill together with compassion and community awareness.  Her organizational contributions to the team are priceless and her favorite part of the practice is how they involve patients in giving back to the community – like the annual Fall Food Drive.  She also appreciates that Drs. DiMassa & Wenger take time every week to personally call every patient who receives treatment for the first time, just to check-in with them.


Beth D. | Treatment Team Assistant

As a Treatment Team Assistant, Beth D. helps Drs. DiMassa & Wenger with chair-side procedures as well as ordering functional “first phase” appliances and retainers.  Beth is dedicated to making patients feel comfortable throughout their treatment.  Her favorite procedure is the “deband”, the appointment when braces come off.  She never tires of seeing the patient’s excitement as if they were smiling for the first time.


Maureen | Treatment Team Assistant

A true team player, Maureen’s favorite part of her job is working with wonderful co-workers and meeting new patients like you.  She assists Drs. DiMassa & Wenger chair-side with all patient treatments and ensures your comfort throughout your procedures. Maureen always enjoys seeing the “Before and After” cards that she assembles at the completion of treatment and sends out to the patient and their dentist.


Rebeka | Treatment Team Assistant

Rebeka likes to keep her patients smiling and satisfied at all times.  She enjoys putting braces on and taking them off because they are both very exciting appointments for the patient.  Rebeka’s skillful contributions to the treatment team are varied and greatly appreciated! She also handles the Facebook posting of our deband patients and the Patient of the Week.  She often shares that being a member of the treatment team at Braces by DiMassa & Wenger has been a rewarding experience for her.


Jami | Treatment Team Assistant

Jami’s goal is to give you that superstar smile you’ve always wanted! She loves seeing how Drs. DiMassa & Wenger carefully create a beautiful, straight smile beginning at the first appointment when diagnostic records are taken. As part of the Treatment Team, Jami assists Drs. DiMassa & Wenger chair-side during all aspects of patient care.  She also participates with all lab work including pouring and mounting the study models.  She enjoys making a positive difference in patients’ overall dental experience.


Megan | Treatment Team Assistant

Working as a Treatment Team Assistant, Megan helps Drs. DiMassa & Wenger perform all chair-side appointments and procedures like full bandings, changing wires, taking impressions, re-bonding brackets, taking photos, and removing braces.  Megan is continually impressed with the cleanliness of the office, the high standards for sterilization, and the safety precautions used to always ensure the patients’ comfort.


Kelly | Treatment Team Assistant

Kelly loves seeing the difference a first phase of treatment makes for our growing patients. Second to that is the excitement of the patients at their deband appointment when they see the final result of orthodontics.  As a Treatment Team Assistant she is kind and hard working and appreciates the teamwork at Braces by DiMassa and Wenger.


Jenn | Part-Time Treatment Team Assistant

Jenn loves the patients and co-workers at Braces by DiMassa & Wenger.  She is appreciative of the opportunity to work part-time as a chair-side assistant as she raises her young family.  She’ll be the first to tell you that Drs. DiMassa & Wenger are great to work with and how impressed she is with how comfortable he makes his patients feel.